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Chair of the Friends
Kitty Nayler

“I moved to Marden in 2002 and was delighted to find that such communities as this village still exist, where people IMG_2511work together to help others and support the village, it’s history, it’s heritage and the people who live here. Friends of Marden’s Heritage aims to take that one step further, by ensuring that for future generations many things that make Marden historically unique can still be enjoyed and appreciated.

If, as I do, you want to put something back into Marden and preserve its history and heritage, then please join us and support the events that we organise.

In 2015 we registered with the Charities Commission our Registered Charity Number is 1160682

Be part of Marden’s future by preserving its heritage

Of course communities have to change and develop; we would not want to block all change and preserve the village as a timewarp, but we do want to preserve the history and the memories of people who have made Marden what it is over the centuries. The History Group are doing a fantastic job collecting and collating information and memories about Marden and displaying all this in the Heritage Centre. The Church is the oldest building and the natural centre of the village. You do not need to be a Christian to want to preserve the building for future generations. This is what the Friends have been set up to do, to both support the History Group and help preserve the Church structure”.

Membership of the Friends costs £10 per annum (payable by cheque /standing order)

Associate Membership is available at £25 or more per annum, for those who wish to make a larger contribution.

Apply for membership by downloading and printing a Membership Application Form (pdf). Complete the form and send it to:

Membership Secretary

Friends of Marden’s Heritage
c/o Marden Heritage Centre
Marden Library
High Street
Marden, Kent
TN12 9DP

We will be delighted to welcome you.